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Convivial Evening of the Eccentric Poetry - In Memoriam Adrian Brown

24th January 2020, 7:13pm at a 'Secret Location', Central London, W1.

The Eccentric Club cordially invites its members, their guests and reciprocal members to join us for a splendid convivial evening!

Last year we have lost our long standing and outstanding member, a poet, a playwright, and a dear friend, Mr Adrian Brown.

For many years Adrian proudly held the honorary club titles of the Poet Laureate (first held by George Weguelin in 1827) and the Grand Master of the Knights of Verse. The last club event he ever attended and read his poems at was a 'Poetic Beverages Evening' on 18th January 2019. On 27th April 2019 Adrian left us.

On 24th January 2020 we shall convene for our usual convivial evening but will raise a toast to commemorate our dear friend and will hear the poems read by his friends, club members and guests.

Fee of £20 per person includes a glass of wine on your arrival, our room hire and catering staff, etc. There will be a cash bar operating throughout the evening. All fees are to be paid prior to the evening, no cash payments can be accepted at the venue at the time of the event. No refunds can be issued later than 7 working days before the event.

Time: 13 minutes past 7pm sharp! Friday, 24th January 2020.

Eligibility: This is a private event open to the Eccentric Club members, reciprocal clubs' members and their guests only. All the names of those booked and intending to attend the event should be communicated to the Eccentric Club well in advance to be checked against the lists of the persons blackballed in the past by the club.

Location: To be communicated to the booked guests only a day or two prior to the event. We had to introduce such a rule to avoid those guests joining our events only when they like the venue. We pride ourselves on selecting the most remarkable and cosy venues in Central London with unrivalled privacy, history and character. We are certain that our guests would appreciate such a selection and will find it easy to relax and enjoy the wit and conviviality of our company, the exquisite cuisine, fine wines and occasional eccentric entertainment at either of the venues welcoming us.

Dress Code: Gentlemen - Black Tie, top hats are welcome; Ladies - eccentric but tasteful eveningwear, tiaras are welcome. Under no circumstances guests wearing jeans/denim, sports or casual wear, trainers, etc., will be permitted.

House Rules: Guests are reminded to be particularly respectful of the house rules of any venue hosting the Eccentric Club event and not to bring the name of the Eccentric Club into disrepute. All venues are always warned that the Eccentric Club does not offer or guarantee any credit for the private orders or purchases made by the guests and, should any such orders/purchases occur, guests are expected to settle their private bills before leaving the venue. Guests are expected not to access any areas of the venue reserved for the members or staff of that venue, to be at all times exceptionally polite and good mannered with the Eccentric Club and the hosting venue representatives or members, to refrain, if possible, from discussing/debating on political or religious subjects, to avoid at all costs any interpersonal conflicts. The Eccentric Club reserves the right to warn accordingly or to request those disrespecting any of the above to leave the event before its completion (no refund will be offered).

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