The Greatest British Eccentric of the Year 2014

Nominate Your Eccentric Candidates!

The Annual Awards Ceremony & Dinner: 13th June 2014, Friday, at the Savile Club, Mayfair, London.

...And so, as 'Friday 13th' of June is approaching fast as ever, it is time for yet another celebration of The Annual Award to the Greatest British Eccentric of the Year!

The phenomenon of practical eccentricity has been an object of great interest over the centuries to an innumerable number of people, both in the UK and abroad. From the time immemorial, the contests were held, where the most unusual and outstanding characters were able to demonstrate and compare their skills and talents, or just to express their unorthodox views and to find their followers!

The Eccentric Club Committee has amongst its members Lyndon Yorke, the winner of the title "Great English Eccentric" in 2001, an aerial surveyor and a mechanical follyologist from Buckinghamshire. It was him who initially suggested the idea of reviving the Annual Award Ceremony, which received a unanimous vote of approval. Bringing back such an important annual event allows those perceived by others as eccentrics to showcase their originality and individuality, the event sponsors to find the most unique consumer groups amongst guests, and the club members to raise funds for their charitable commitments and to have some fun.

We invite everyone – club members, odd visitors of our website, literally, anyone – to propose those worthy of our illustrious title – The Greatest British Eccentric of the Year.

There are some RULES, but there’s not too many:

1)    Contestants cannot propose themselves, they must be nominated by someone else who views or considers them somewhat ‘eccentric’. The contest is open to the persons of any gender and nationality, but not younger than 18 years of age.

2)    Contestants must agree to participate in the contest, consent to others voting for them and to do their best to promote themselves as worthy candidates for the title. If they refuse to participate, the Committee cannot force them to do so and would have to drop them as candidates.

3)    However unusual the contestants are, their originality, perceived by others as ‘eccentricity’, must be of a positive and socially valuable nature – in other words, it must comply with the club’s main principle ‘Nil Nisi Bonum’ – ‘nothing but good!’. Their local community, nation, mankind must benefit in some way from their ‘eccentricity’.

4)    The number of supporters nominating their candidates will be taken into the account, however, the Eccentric Club Committee and our impartial independently invited Judges, renowned experts in the matters of eccentricity, shall have the right to review the character of all proposed candidates.

5)    The Winner (or the winners – in various categories) shall be invited to the glamourous entertainment-packed Award Ceremony in Mayfair on Friday, 13th June, he/she will receive officially the Certificate of their Title, the Trophy, a complimentary bottle of champagne and shall be introduced to the sponsors of the event for potential further co-operation.

Come and join us for this one-of-a-kind celebration, where, along with some famous names, you will discover brand new figures, equally unusual and unique in their views and ways, and certainly extremely popular in some circles for what they are!

The Official Award Ceremony will be held on Friday, 13th June 2014, at the Savile Club, Mayfair. It is expected that a few surprise celebrities may be both amongst the guests and the judges of this event (not to mention the magicians, musicians and just pure eccentrics of every kind!).

In the times, when we talk so much of re-discovering and re-inventing our national and cultural identities, it is good to be reminded of the brave and original characters, of the eccentrics who are the salt of the earth.



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